Sarah Faulkner



Sarah was raised on a farm in Virginia.  It was during this time she lived with ultimate freedom, simplicity and imagination.  The barefoot years.  These qualities are reflected in each of her creative endeavors.  After a number of years on the farm, Sarah moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where she began to develop her talent as an artist.  She attended Northeastern University, where she studied Art History, Architecture and Visual Arts.  Sarah’s first artistic love was woodworking.  So much so, her kitchen table was also her table saw.  We will leave the details of this up to your imagination.  In 2006,  Sarah moved to Western North Carolina.  Since this time, she has applied her artistic experience toward a new body of work; acrylic & beeswax painting.  The spirit and tranquility of the mountains continues to inspire and infuse her works.  Sarah’s original work is represented by a number of galleries in and around Asheville, NC.  Her original paintings are widely collected by many, including former Governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue.




Degree and Extension Programs

Northeastern University, Art History, Architecture, Visual Arts | Boston, MAbird and poppy

Harvard University, 20th Century Architecture  |  Cambridge, MA

Massachusetts College of Art, Furniture Design  |  Boston, MA

Rhode Island School of Design, Furniture Design  |  Providence, RI

San Francisco State University, Visual Arts  |  San Francisco, CA

University of California, Berkeley, Art Education  |  Berkeley, CA


Permanent Collections

Beverly Perdue – Former Governor of North Carolina  |  Raleigh, NC 2010

Emory University | Atlanta, GA 2012

Mission Hospital  |  Asheville, NC 2009

Tom Oreck – President of Oreck LLC  |  Burnsville, NC 2009

Wellesley College – Spiritual Development Department  |  Wellesley, MA 2008

Brigham & Women’s Hospital – Oncology  |  Boston, MA 2007

Dr. William Otton, Director, Museum of South Texas  |  Corpus Cristi, TX 2006



Woolworth Walk Gallery  |  Asheville, NC  2016

Atelier Gallery  |  Charleston, SC – April 2013

Woolworth Walk Gallery  |  Asheville, NC  November 2010 & 2012

Design Gallery  |  Burnsville, NC 2010 & 2011

Crimson Laurel Gallery  |  Bakersville, NC August 2010

Red Sky Gallery  |  Charlotte, NC February 2010

NC Crafts Gallery  |  Carrboro, NC  September 2009

Woolworth Walk Gallery  |  Asheville, NC  November 2009

Red Sky Gallery  |  Charlotte, NC November 2008

NC Crafts Gallery  |  Carrboro, NC June 2008

Miya Gallery  |  Weaverville, NC April 2008



Asheville Arts Council  |  Asheville, NC, Member 2007

ToeRiver Arts Council  |  Burnsville, NC, Member 2007

North Carolina Arts Council  |  Raleigh, NC, Member 2007



Woolworth Walk Gallery  |  Asheville, NC

Miya Gallery  |  Weaverville, NC

Grove Park Inn | Asheville, NC